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Thank you for your interest in Woman Business Enterprise Certification for women business owners. You have reached the NWBOC website; click here to go to our main page.

Utilizing Woman Business Enterprise Certification in Marketing
Woman business enterprise certification, also called WBE Certification, is a tool women business owners can use for new business opportunities in the government and private sector. Having WBE Certification will help set a woman-owned company apart in the marketplace, especially in any male-dominated industry, and can also be used to add credibility to the company. However, having Woman Business Enterprise Certification is not a guarantee that you will get new business without effort -- you still have to ëwork ití just as you would any other sales, marketing, or promotional effort!

Why is Woman Business Enterprise Certification necessary?
Simply put, woman business enterprise certification is often required by the private and public sectors in order to do business with them. Woman Business Enterprise Certification enables contractors to identify, quantify and report the extent to which they utilize woman-owned businesses as suppliers. WBE Certification can result in opportunities for your business to develop supplier relationships with larger companies and the public (government) sector.

Increased Competition = Better Value for Purchasing Agents
Many large corporations now understand that it makes good business sense to spend dollars with women-owned vendor firms. Corporate management knows it is good for the public relations and for their local communities, but most importantly for the value they get from the dollars spent with women-owned companies. Virtually all corporations accept third-party woman business enterprise certification, meaning that the corporation does not perform the application and review process. Instead, they rely on third-parties like NWBOC, or state programs, to provide that service.

What is the NWBOC Application Process for Woman Business Enterprise Certification?

  • The applicant sends the completed 'woman business enterprise certification' application to NWBOC.
  • NWBOC office checks to ensure that the application is complete with supporting documentation.
  • The application is forwarded to one of our national Review Committees. If the committee has questions, NWBOC will contact you for clarification.
  • A visit to your place of business will be conducted by one of our trained site visitors. Results of the site visit are sent to the Review Committee.
  • The NWBOC Review Committee meets again to make final decision.
  • The applicant is notified of the decision and if certified, a certification packet is sent. If the application has been denied certification, a letter is sent stating the reasons and stating the appeal process.

Your Woman Business Enterprise Certification must be renewed annually. However, the process is a simple one after the initial certification.