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Good question! Thank you for your interest in women business enterprise and WBE certification. You have reached the NWBOC website; click here to go to our main page.

Definition for 'Women Business Enterprise'
Women business enterprise, or woman business enterprise, is the terminology used by government and other certifying agencies to refer to women-owned companies that get WBE certified.

Who Provides Women Business Enterprise certification?
NWBOC provides a national women business enterprise certification program for women-owned businesses. Our process ensures that a private, company is in fact owned and controlled by a woman or women. Click here to go to our homepage.

Who is Women Business Enterprise Certification Intended For?
There are many kinds of certification, but only Women Business Enterprise certification applies to women of all ethnicity/races. In a similar way, minorities can obtain MBE certification. Also, the SBA has an 8(a) program and a disadvantaged program (DBE).

Who accepts Women Business Enterprise Certification?
Hundreds of private sector corporations and some governments accept WBE Certification from NWBOC.

How is NWBOC's E-Procurment Program Used?
NWBOC has an online, e-procurment program that allows the participants to search for companies who have women business enterprise certification. In this way you can set your company apart for buyers. Here's what you can do in the system:

  • Search for all registered women business enterprise companies by name, state, country, region, dedicated (to your company), annual sales revenue, and commodity/service codes
  • Have the most up-to-date information on the companies since they can maintain and update their information 24/7
  • Contact the women business enterprises via e-mail by clicking on their e-mail address link
  • Verify current NWBOC certification of any women business enterprise because NWBOC maintains the system and monitors certifications and re-certifications daily.
  • Create and post bid opportunities for women business enterprises across the country