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About WBE Certification Renewals

Download NWBOC's WBE Re-certification Form and Affidavit in pdf format
Download NWBOC's WBE Re-certification Form and Affidavit in Word format

The first time you are certified with NWBOC your certification remains valid for one year. After that period of time an annual re-certification is required in order to remain a certified wwoman owner or veteran owner through NWBOC. No additional documentation is necessary unless there have been changes in the ownership, control, business structure, name of your company, etc. since you were last certified or re-certified.

If none of the above changes are relevant, simply complete the Affidavit (download link is above) and send along with a copy of the company's most recently filed tax return (including K-1s, if applicable). Also send the re-certification fee according to business size:
$200 fee if gross sales are under $2,000,000
$300 fee if gross sales are over $2,000,000

If changes in your business have occurred, record them on the Affidavit (which is the last page of this document.) The following information is required:

  • If any changes in company structure, (i.e. corporation, limited liability corporation, etc.), ownership and/or control, officer/directors or other changes (i.e. name, address, etc.) have occurred during the past year, please submit the legal documentation to support the changes.
  • Documentation should include minutes, tax return, purchase agreements, stock certificates (if applicable).
  • If commodity or service has changed, please change the appropriate codes on this paperwork.
  • If ownership changes have occurred, a new application may be necessary.

 Remember to sign and date the Affidavit! Re-certification is not automatic.

 It is vital that you send in the re-certification materials prior to your expiration date. It is your responsibility to comply with requests for information and submit documentation in a prompt manner. It is not the responsibility of NWBOC to send multiple reminder notices of recertification dates. If re-certification is not received within thirty (30) days of the renewal date, the company will be removed from the active certified WBE list and the e-commerce MarketPlace. A reinstatement fee of $100 will be imposed for re-certifications received after the certification expiration date. In addition, a new application and/or additional materials may also be required.

The re-certification materials that you need to send to us (mailing address is below):

  1. Download and complete the re-certification application with signed affidavit
  2. A copy of latest tax return
  3. Any necessary documents, as indicated in the instruction sheet of the application
  4. Payment of your renewal fee
  5. If you have any questions, please call 800-794-6140.

 Mail to:

National Women Business Owners Corporation
4521 PGA Blvd. #342
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418