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Thank you for your interest in national woman business certification. You have reached the NWBOC website; click here to go to our main page.

The Concept and History of National Woman Business Certification
National woman business certification goes hand-in-hand with any procurement discussion, whether government or in private industry. To ensure that the businesses claiming to be woman-owned in fact were woman-owned, a national woman business certification program, also called WBE certification, was devised by the SBA. Having WBE certification is the only way to confirm that a business is truly owned by a woman, so that corporations can track their utilization of women-owned businesses as vendors.

Several Types of Certification Exist for Women and Minority-Owned Firms
Much confusion exists about the national woman business certification programs, both in who and where to get certified. Short explanations are given below; most people can determine which certification is probably right for them to pursue: Woman Business Certification (WBE Certification) is obtained from NWBOC, the nation's first third-party certifier, local governments also provide a certification process. Similarly, minority business owners obtain MBE certification. Some state provide certification for women and minority firms.

FAQs About National Woman Business Certification
What can I expect in the application process?

  1. The applicant sends the completed national woman business certification application to NWBOC.
  2. NWBOC office checks to ensure that the application is complete with supporting documentation.
  3. The application is forwarded to one of our national Review Committees.
  4. If the committee has questions arising from the documentation in your application, NWBOC will contact you for clarification.
  5. A visit to your place of business will be arranged and conducted by one of our trained site visitors. Results of the site visit are sent to the Review Committee.
  6. The NWBOC Review Committee meets again to make final decision.
  7. The applicant is notified of the decision and if certified, a certification packet is sent. If the application has been denied certification, a letter is sent stating the reasons and stating the appeal process.
  8. You must renew your companyís National Woman Business (WBE) Certification annually. However, the process is a simple one after the initial certification.


How can having National Woman Business Certification help me promote my business?
Having national woman business certification helps you promote your business in several ways. For instance, with certification from NWBOC, you are automatically enrolled in a unique E-Commerce site which promotes businesses that have national woman business certification:

  1. Free listing in NWBOC's internal procurement database of WBE-certified companies;
  2. The NWBOC logo and WBE Certification designation allows you to promote your business as woman-owned;
  3. Complimentary Platinum Level Vendor listing in NWBOC's interactive eProcurement MarketPlace.


The NWBOC eProcurement MarketPlace has tools which are designed to create value for your company, especially it is national woman business owner certified. All of our tools are easy to use with no special equipment or training required.

  • Create and maintain a business profile that helps interested buyers find you
  • Promote your company has being "national woman business owner certified" to increase your business presence/brand recognition, with your up-to-date company information and website link
  • Receive business opportunities through email
  • Respond to request for quotes and order in minutes
  • Communicate electronically and reduce time and expense of phone, fax, and mailing hassles.