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You've come to the right place. Thank you for your interest in getting certified as a woman-owned business. You have reached the NWBOC website; click here to go to our main page.

You Know WHY, Now You Need to Know HOW!
Simply put, getting certified as a woman-owned business is lengthy but simple in concept: meet the criteria and apply:

  1. The woman-owned business must provide detailed information and copies of business documents.
  2. Once the application and supporting materials are sent to NWBOC, it is reviewed by the certifying committee.
  3. Final steps in the application process to get certified as a woman-owned business include a personal visit to the applicantís company or offices.
  4. NWBOC uses qualified, independent individuals to review your application and make site visits. They are current or former business owners themselves, CPAs, or other knowledgeable business people.
  5. The final step is notification about whether you have been certified as a woman-owned business, and if not why not.


Questions We Are Frequently Asked About Getting Certified as a Woman-Owned Business:

How do I obtain the application to get certified as a woman-owned business?
Click here to go to our homepage and application. The applications available online are for every type of business entity (sole proprietorship, S-corporation, etc.) To make it easier to get organized, NWBOC now has a kit you can use.

How do I get the woman-owned business kit?
Utilize our new Application Kit which includes the application, a 3-ring binder with tabbed divider pages, and lots of helpful hints. Also, the Application Kit helps because it is organized for the legal structure of your business, such as sole proprietor, S corp, etc.

Does my woman-owned business have to be profitable?
No, getting certified as a woman-owned business does not include us making a judgment about whether you make money! Only that it is woman-owned and controlled.

If my company is a woman-owned business but with multiple owners, can we still get certified?
Yes, one or more women can own the company as long as together the women own at least 51%, as well as meeting the other criteria.

"I recommend NWBOC for getting certified as a woman-owned company because I trust their judgment, their knowledge, and the people running the organization."
--Linda Stevenson

"Getting certified as a woman-owned business was certainly worth the effort. I'm impressed with how the people at NWBOC want to help you, so donít hesitate to call them with questions!"
--Nancy Zurbuchen