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Featured Success Stories of Companies Certified by NWBOC

Meet Donella Aubuchon of MDS of Kansas in Wichita, KS

Few industries have gone through more upheavals and changes than the medical industry. Donella Aubuchon has piloted her company, MDS of Kansas, through 23 years of reacting, anticipating and surviving these changes. Today the company has 35 full time employees and contractors who provide medical document support services to physicians.

Interestingly, the service upon which the company was founded - medical transcription - has gone from indispensable part of daily life for a doctor, to predictions of it going away entirely due to electronic medical records, speech recognition, and back again to remain a core business service. Living through that process spurred a second business - founding an industry-accredited school for training transcriptionists.

Logo image MDS of Kansas

Initially borne out of her own need to find highly trained personnel to hire, the school became another revenue stream for the company . . . and the graduates became some of her best, long-term contractors.  "Just when I thought medical transcription was going away, now it is booming again. The doctors have re-discovered that it is still better to dictate parts of the patient record, and still be compliant with current privacy mandates for patients," Ms. Aubuchon explains. "In the interim some of the transcription companies closed. So here we are, able to take advantage of the second surge." 

At other critical times in the company's history, Ms. Aubuchon has made choices that might have seemed unorthodox at the time. When the economic downturn happened 6 years ago, the company took a 35% cut in annual revenues. Rather than wait it out, Ms. Aubuchon instead bought a building and expanded to embrace billing services. In 2013 the company added medical scribe education which provides an on-site person who follows the doctor around doing data entry. "The biggest thing I hear from the patients is that the doctor's head is always down, buried in a laptop. The doc says his attention is diverted from the patient care to having to choose screens and boxes and type the information in. Thus, the medical scribe was born; well not born so much as 'borrowed' from the ER. There, scribes have been the norm for some time," Ms. Aubchon says.

Obtaining WBE certification 2 years ago helped the company become an approved vendor for a national hospital group, which was the impetus for her to make the decision to apply. The company is credentialed also with the state and within their industry.

"Lately what I've done to keep up with trends in my industry is to look at the 'second-round' of electronic medical records. Doctor offices have found that it is extremely expensive to implement, and the dollar incentives from the federal government does not always cover the cost. But, on the flip side, as time has passed there is now a wider selection of software providers, some of which are less expensive and frankly more streamlined," she says. "For this reason, MDS became a strategic partner with Azalea Health so that we can offer practice management software implementation and training - things we already do well."

Company website:  www.mdsofkansas.com


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