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Featured Success Stories of Companies Certified by NWBOC

Meet Lisa Spector of Staffing Plus in Haverford, PA

Lisa Spector started Staffing Plus in 1997 in her kitchen and today the company has 1,000 people working as temporary field staff every week. Staffing Plus specializes in the behavioral health, education, allied health, and pharmacy fields. Lisa combines a strategic vision and drive that has led Staffing Plus to develop a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and the willingness to always go the extra mile for the clients they serve. Lisa attained NWBOC certification years ago after one of her clients was going for a huge state contract and asked her to get certified so they could use Staffing Plus for staffing. "I contacted Janet Harris-Lange and she was fantastic, doing all she could to speed the process along," said Lisa. Certification helped Lisa's client secure the contract and has given Staffing Plus and their clients access to more government contracts.

The efforts have paid off. In 2008 revenues fell by 40%, and it took until 2014 to return to those levels. Ms. McGee reports that she is seeing more opportunities open up, and is pursuing strategic alliances with other companies with fabrication capabilities. This allows ADI Metal to offer value-added services such as pre-punched or cut pieces, which saves a step in the manufacturing process.

Ms. McGee and her company have been recognized for outstanding performance and business leadership by several business organizations and industry associations. Two of the most recent were the Diversity Business Top 50 Women in Florida for 2014, and being one of only 12 Finalists for South Florida Manufacturers Association 2014 Manufacturer of the Year.

Company Facebook link:  www.facebook.com/StaffingPlus

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