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Overview of the NWBOC Application Process

What can I expect in the application process for WBE Certification?

  1. The applicant sends the completed application to NWBOC.
  2. NWBOC office checks to ensure that the application is complete with supporting documentation.
  3. The application is forwarded to one of our national Review Committees.
  4. If the committee has questions arising from the documentation in your application, NWBOC will contact you for clarification.
  5. A visit to your place of business will be arranged and conducted by one of our trained site visitors. Results of the site visit are sent to the Review Committee.
  6. The NWBOC Review Committee meets again to make final decision.
  7. The applicant is notified of the decision and if certified, a certification packet is sent. If the application has been denied certification, a letter is sent stating the reasons and stating the appeal process.
  8. You must renew your company's certification annually, whether you have WBE, WOSB or EDWOSB Certification through us. However, the process is a relatively simple one after the initial certification, especially if there has been no ownership changes.

 To review all of the criteria and details about obtaining WBE Certification with NWBOC, go to the Application area of this website.