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Benefits of WBE Certification with NWBOC

Trust in the Application Review Process
NWBOC is highly regarded for providing professional and consistent review of WBE applications. NWBOC has enlisted only the highest qualified, independent individuals to serve on our Review Committees across the nation to assess your application and to make site visits to your place of business. Committee members represent both the public and the private-sector, and include current and former business owners, CPAs, bankers, and business consultants. All committee members and site visitors are fully trained by NWBOC to ensure consistent, fair, and accurate results. In addition, NWBOC has been fully vetted by corporations as well as government entities that accept our certification.

The buyers and procurement officers have told us that they appreciate our diligence. The women business owners have also told us that they also appreciate our thoroughness, but in addition they trust us to keep their company information and application documents secure and private. All NWBOC staff, Review Committee members, and site visitors sign confidentiality agreements. All application documents are held in strictest confidence and are not open to review by other parties.

NWBOC Helps You Promote Your Business
NWBOC helps you promote your business in several ways. Once you are WBE certified with NWBOC, you are automatically listed in or have access to the following promotional tools, all FREE:

  • Complimentary Platinum Level Vendor listing in NWBOC's interactive eProcurement MarketPlace (Value $300);
  • Complimentary listing in NWBOC's internal procurement database of WBE-certified companies;
  • Procurement list of over 1,000 private and public sector purchasing contacts;
  • The NWBOC Quarterly Newsletter, in which your "good news" story can be highlighted;
  • The NWBOC logo and WBE Certification designation so that you can add it to your marketing materials and website.

WBE Certification is a tool you use for new business opportunities, to help set your company apart in the marketplace, and to add credibility. However, having WBE Certification is not a guarantee that you will get new business without effort -- you still have to 'work it' just as you would any other sales and marketing effort!