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Apply for Certification as a Woman-Owned or Veteran-Owned Business

Interested in applying for certification as a woman-owned business, or a veteran-owned business? You've come the right place.

This website has a lot of information about certification and about NWBOC. If you are interested in certification, it would be to your benefit to read the information in detail and view the videos that you will see on several pages.

There are three types of certifications that NWBOC provides. If you have not already done so, please review the information about each one to determine if you would like to apply for one or both:

1.  WBE Certification (Woman Business Enterprise) -- This is the certification NWBOC has provided for 20 years, and it is generally accepted by corporations and many states or local government entities. 

2.  WOSB Certification (Woman-Owned Small Business) or EDWOSB Certification (Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business) -- These are the certifications related solely to the SBA procurement program for women business owners. More information

3. VBE Certification (Veteran Business Enterprise) or VWBE (Veteran Woman Business Enterprise) -- This is the newest certification offered by NWBOC for veterans. We have are working closely with national veteran's groups for roll-out.

Refer to this handy grid to compare and contrast the differences between the woman-owned certification types.

Review the Q and A section for more information on costs, renewals, and the process. For instance, if you apply for both certifications at the same time there is a cost reduction compared to doing both separately.

If you are currently WBE Certified through another entity, ask us about our new "Fast Track" WBE Certification process. NWBOC has added a new "Fast-Track" application for women business owners who are currently WBE certified and want to add another certification. "If we have evaluated and approved the process for their current third party certification, there is no need for a woman business owner to have to wait or pay a higher fee when there is less work on our behalf to confirm this certification," said Janet Harris Lange, NWBOC President. We started the Fast-Track application in response to requests from WBEs who wanted a streamlined process. "In these tough economic times, businesses are looking for every edge they can get," said Harris-Lange. "They are getting multiple certifications so no stone is left unturned in the possibilities of the marketplace, whether it is corporate or government."

Consider ordering NWBOC's Application Kit.The Application Kit is a handy tool for gathering and submitting your application materials. It includes the application, a tabbed three ring binder for easy assembly, and lots of helpful hints. Also, the Application Kit is specific to your type of business entity, which eliminates having to read through instructions or requirements that do not pertain to your type of business. (The required documentation is different for a sole proprietorship than for a corporation, for instance.)

Questions? Feel free to contact us during normal business hours Monday through Friday, East Coast time. To contact us by phone, call 1-800-794-6140 or email to: info@nwboc.org.